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What we offer

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Process your orders quickly with AI
Automatically convert text messages to formal purchase orders in seconds.

Manage your customers like a pro

Keep all customer information you need, in one place.

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Promote items and sell with ease

Send targeted product promotions via WhatsApp and track results.

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Want to give it a try?
Try ZOLO for free today

  • What makes ZOLO different?
    Unlike other applications, ZOLO does not require restaurants or buyers to change their behavior which has been the biggest hurdle for food suppliers.
  • What is ZOLO and who is it for?
    ZOLO is an AI-powered assistant specifically designed to help Food Suppliers boost sales and streamline order management on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, and Zalo.
  • How do I get started?
    Sign-up or book a demo and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Does ZOLO support integration with my ERP?
    ZOLO supports all ERP systems via various interfaces. No more manual order re-entry. From now on, you handle everything via your ERP system.
  • Why should food suppliers use ZOLO?
    In Southeast Asia, F&B outlets favor using messaging apps like WhatsApp to place B2B orders to Food Suppliers, and they resist to change. Food Suppliers have to bear the burden as processing orders from WhatsApp is time consuming and error prone. Let your customers continue placing text orders on WhatsApp, our artificial intelligence module will verify and convert them into formal purchase orders and push to ERP system within seconds. Food Suppliers using ZOLO reported 50% reduction in errors and 100x increase in efficiency.
  • Can I try ZOLO for free?
    Yes, we have a free plan to let you trial ZOLO.
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